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Table Talk Issue 8: EES negotiations ongoing

Download this issue As of last week, the Corrections Bargaining Team began officially negotiating Essential and Emergency Services (EES). Next week, they will begin face-to-face meetings with the employer to engage in the same process as the Central/Unified Team is currently in. Negotiations at the EES tables are progressing at a measured and deliberate pace. An agreement must be reached […]

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Table Talk Issue 7: Stay Strong!

Deb Matthews and Kathleen Wynne open a closet for spring cleaning

Download this issue Download the cartoon Stay strong! A message from your Central/Unified Team Your Central/Unified Bargaining Team is currently busy working and gathering information to be prepared to meet with the employer to commence Essential and Emergency Service (EES) negotiations. At this time, we cannot estimate how long this process will take. We ask for your patience as we […]

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Table Talk Issue 5: Central/Unified bargaining on hiatus

Download this issue Central/Unified bargaining on hiatus In an exceptional move for OPS bargaining, the Conciliator appointed by the Ministry of Labour has recommended that the union and the employer at the Central/Unified negotiating table go on a bargaining hiatus to re-evaluate their bargaining positions. The Conciliator made this move because he believes the sides are too far apart and […]

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Table Talk Issue 3: Something has to change…and quickly

Something has to change…and quickly Download this issue Your Central/Unified and Corrections Bargaining Teams resumed negotiations with the employer this week with the intent of moving closer to reaching a new OPS Collective Agreement. It would appear, however, that the employer has a different plan. From what we have experienced this week, our message to you is simple, and very […]

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Table Talk Issue 2: Talks resume January 5

Download this issue The latest bargaining and mobilizing news for OPS members Talks resume January 5 Central/Unified Team Your Central/Unified Team wants to thank you for all your hard work over the last several months. From demonstrations, workplace actions and showing your union colours, your activism has not gone unnoticed by the employer. Your support has been awesome, and has […]

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