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Local 468 Strike Team

(As of February 12, 2015)

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OPSEU Local 468 Executive

(As of April 4th, 2014)

President: Frank Wendling (MCB, 3rd) 613-547-1956
cell 613-532-6915
Bagot St Office 613-547-6922
Email (Union Office)
Vice President: Sheryl Plumb (MCB, 3rd) 613-548-6437
cell 613-331-4440
Chief Steward: Debra Finkle (1055, 4th) 613-545-4535
Treasurer: Sheila Martin (Select) 613-536-3056
Secretary: Faye Pryor (MCB, 2nd) 613-548-6624
Communications Officer: Jim Puckalo (Gable Ln) 613-329-8865


Lynda Cocking (MCB, 3rd) 613-545-4317
Raymond Gavel (MCB, 3rd) 613-547-1925
Elizabeth Johnson (MCB, 3rd) 613-531-5610
Chris Kanellos (MCB, 3rd) 613-548-6329
Chelsy Massia (1055, 4th) 613-545-4379
Allison Rafeiro (MCB, 5th) 613-548-6355
Martin Santyr (MCB, 4th) 613-548-6498
Ray Smith (MCB, 5th) 613-547-1845
Brandon Tozzo (1055, 4th) 613-545-4379

Information Stewards:

Becky Corby (80 Queen St) 613-536-3235
Wayne Samms (MCB, Bsmnt) 613-548-6493

Benevolent Fund:

Heather Posthumus (MCB, 2nd) 613-548-6349
OPSEU Local 468 Website:
Local Office Address: 275 Bagot Street, Suite 307


LERC (Local Employee Relations Committee) MOH:
Frank Wendling(Co-Chair), Sheila Martin, Donna Newton, Faye Pryor, Martin Santyr

Frank Wendling(Co-Chair), Jim Puckalo, Sheryl Plumb, Debra Finkle

Frank Wendling(Co-Chair), Sharon Ansell

MERC MOH (members from Local 468):
Faye Pryor – Vice-Chair
Frank Wendling

JH&SC (Joint Health & Safety Committee) MOH/MCB
Amanda McCauley (Co-Chair), Frank Wendling, Lisa Boffa, Yvonne Evoy, Ray Gavel

Yvonne LaBarre, Allison Rafeiro(Co-Chair), Ray Smith, Dezso Vaghy

To be appointed at a later date

JH&SC MGS/1055
Debra Finkle(Co-Chair), Brandon Tozzo, Chelsea Massia

JH&SC MOH/Select Dr
(Note: Committee members will move to 1055 in May, 2014 and become the committee for 1055/MOH)
Heather Lewis (Co-Chair), Susan Ungar

JH&SC – 80 Queen
Nicole Kimmerly (Co-Chair)

JH&SC – Heakes Lane
Jim Puckalo (Co-Chair)

JH&SC – 1200 Division (2)
To be appointed at a later date