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Letter from Frank in response to “Why have your OPS Bargaining Teams . . .”

Smokey at podium

Yes, the bargaining team has decided that there is no point in trying to negotiate from the proposal the employer has put forth. From December 3rd to the 5th OPSEU members will be asked the question, “do you want to have the employer’s initial proposal as your contract for the next four years?” There is currently no middle ground, it […]

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Open letter to Peter Wallace regarding ASMP

Mr. Wallace I feel the need to address a major concern with you directly rather than “let my concerns work their way through the system”.

I am writing today about the just to be implemented Attendance Support Management Program (ASMP) in a couple of ServiceOntario branches. I am doing so because I have several concerns that I need to have addressed, and as you basically should be considered the ultimate decision maker in matters that pertain to the OPS.

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A few things to be aware of

OPSEU has posted the demand setting survey for the new contract negotiations coming up late this year. This format is new and allows you to stay relaxed and comfortable in your own home as you go through the survey and voice your opinion and concerns which will be passed on through to the yet to be determined bargaining team. To complete this survey you will need to have your WIN Id ready to register. So tomorrow find it, write it down, and remember to take it home.

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