Stepping Up

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Just a few points I feel that I need to clear up.  As mentioned in previous posts, your local is doing it’s best to keep you informed and up-to-date as is OPSEU Corporate.  We have a duty to provide information and make it available to members – as best we can – in a timely manner.  Our members have the right to expect that information will be available to keep them informed.

Again, we have a duty to provide information.

Members have an obligation to make every effort to avail themselves of the information that is being made available.  The key here is twofold.  It is the obligation of each of us to look for the information being provided and access it.  The second part is that it is up to you to take time to read it.  Please remember that we absolutely cannot go around the workplace sharing information and no one should expect us to.  Who would want someone to put their job at risk doing something that they themselves are not willing to do?

We as a local, have been making information available in the workplace on the union bulletin boards and on our local website.  You have the option of being subscribed to the website and you will receive automatic e-mail notifications when something new is posted to help you keep up-to-date.  I would ask of each of you, that you let your co-workers know where to look for updates and info if you believe they do not already know.  If you could do that on break or before work we would appreciate it very much.

To give you a bit of an insider perspective, it is basically a small group of people who are helping make things ready for you in the event of a work stoppage or a call for a ratification vote.  It is a tough job and I am proud of what they have accomplished.  I can honestly say that there have only been a small handful of people who have taken the time to thank us for what we are doing.  So when some people come to me and say that they have not been “given” the information about what is going on and in some cases complain to OPSEU about not getting updates, it is frustrating.  It would seem that in those circumstances it would be a good opportunity to not complain, but to volunteer to help with the our people-power problem.  I have said it before, we need help and if you want things to go well for you, then you have to step up as well.  We have asked for volunteers to sign up for various positions and committees and so far the response has not been good.  Please think about giving all of us a hand.

Frank Wendling

President, OPSEU Local 468


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