OPS Strike Form B (Member Personal Information and Direct Deposit Form), and Alternative Picketing Location Form

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If you are one of the 325 members who completed the original Form B and handed it into a steward, please jump down to 3. Old Form B.

OPSEU Corporate has now created a new Form B to replace the form that is currently in circulation, as well as a separate form for members requesting to perform picket duties at a location other than their home local (forms attached below). These forms have been updated to reflect suggestions and concerns coming in from the locals.

1.    Form B

This is an electronic fillable PDF form containing two sections. The top section contains the member’s personal information and the bottom section is the authorization for direct deposit. Please note that all OPS members must agree to direct deposit in order to receive strike pay. This will also ensure strike pay is received in a consistent and timely manner. Instructions to fill out this form are as follows.

  1. Local 468 Strike Committee members will distribute this form to their members.
  2. The member fills in the top portion of Form B (Member Personal Information), prints the form, signs it and gives it to a Local 468 Steward.
  3. The form will be processed and at a later date (scheduled times will be provided) returned to the member, with an envelope.
  4. The member then completes the remainder of Form B (Direct Deposit Information). The member provides the required banking information (if not attaching a “void” cheque), signs, dates, inserts it in the stamped return envelope, and sends it to OPSEU Head Office.

This procedure ensures the Local receives the required personal information, but only OPSEU Accounting Unit receives the member’s Direct Deposit information. This ensures confidentiality for each member’s financial information.

Any members who have already filled out the version of Form B that did not have the Direct Deposit Information on it, please read below under Old Form B. Any members who have already submitted Direct Deposit information to OPSEU Head Office will NOT be required to fill out a new form. Any members who are already on direct deposit for expenses are not required to send in a new Direct Deposit Agreement.

2.    Picketing/Accommodation Form

This form is also an electronic fillable PDF form. These can be filled out if a member requires accommodation for picket duties or requests to picket at an alternate location. Complete the form and return this to your Local 468 Steward. If a member requests to picket at an alternate location, this form along with a duplicate of the local’s copy of Form B (which contains only the member information, not the banking information) must be sent to the Receiving Local for the member to receive strike pay at the alternate location.

3.    Old Form B

If you have completed and handed in a Form B to your steward, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Any of the 300+ members who have already completed an older version of Form B will be contacted using their secure email addresses provided. If none were provided, please check your union boards and speak with your local steward.
  2. The email will provide dates and locations where local stewards will be available to provide you with the Direct Deposit form, your original Form B, and an envelope.
  3. Members will be responsible for mailing their Form B and completed direct deposit information to OPSEU Head Office.

Be advised that the OPS Strike Manual will be updated to reflect all of these changes.

Download Form B (Member Personal Information and Direct Deposit Form)

Download Picket/Accommodation Information Form

(To save the documents to your computer, open link, then right-click on document and choose “Save As”)


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