Volunteers Requested – Strike Committee & Sub-Committees

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As part of our ongoing strategies of preparing for any eventuality, the Strike Committee is requesting volunteers for many critical roles.  No one wants to be out of work but we also want to make sure we are prepared and ready just in case.  Please review the volunteer options below.

For more details of the roles of the committees and teams, please review the OPSEU Strike Manual.

General Local Strike Committee

The Strike Committee is looking for regular committee member volunteers to help hold committee meetings and regular day to day activities.  If you are interested, email volunteer@opseulocal468.com

Finance Sub-Committee (2 members)

The Strike Finance Sub-Committee handles strike pay calculation and submission; financial transactions through the local strike administrative bank account; trouble-shooting; fundraising and scrounging. The Local Treasurer often helps this committee. The Strike Finance Sub-Committee is accountable to the Area Co-ordinating Group and Local Executive Committee to report on all aspects of receipt and distribution of all funds received by the local during a strike.  If you are interested, email volunteer@opseulocal468.com

Communications Sub-Committee (3 members)

The Communications Sub-Committee keeps members informed and up to date with current information and useful advice. This committee should include Area Co-ordinating Group members to share information with other OPSEU locals and OPSEU Communications. It puts out leaflets/newsletters/emails as well as distributes OPSEU’s daily strike report. This committee provides information to local labour groups, community organizations and the community at large. It also handles media releases, public relations, social media and garners support from other unions and the community; appeals for funds; plans social events and general morale-boosting activities.  If you are interested, email volunteer@opseulocal468.com

Strike Duties Sub-Committee (2 members)

The Strike Duties Sub-Committee select members to act as Picket Captains, organize the picket teams ensuring that all members are assigned appropriate strike duties (including those who require accommodation to participate), set up strike headquarters and handle logistics, and reports to the Strike Finance Sub-Committee on strike duty performance. This sub-committee should be prepared to assign one of its members to deal with accommodation requests. This sub-committee assigns and trains Picket Captains, provide on-the-ground leadership and administrative support to perform their strike duties. And the committee helps provide leadership for the Picket Captains and members to implement strike strategy.  If you are interested, email volunteer@opseulocal468.com

Hardship Committee (2 members)

When the Local Strike Committee receives a hardship request, it then needs to set up a Hardship Committee. This committee handles all requests and keeps them confidential. These committee members are active in administering and finding hardship donations. It oversees a separate bank account. It works with local financial institutions to assist members in difficulty. This committee is also the main contact point with the Area Co-ordinating Group’s (ACG) hardship relief fundraising. During a strike, the ACG helps to co-ordinate relief fundraising efforts to the neediest members in the area.  If you are interested, email volunteer@opseulocal468.com

Picket Captains (many)

Picket Captain volunteers will be needed for each worksite. There purpose is to keep a record of each member who has put in time on the line in order to be paid. They also conduct walkthroughs of the interior of the building to ensure essential service workers are only performing the worked that is essential.  Multiple captains per four hour shift will be a big help..  Locations include: 1201 Division St, 1055 Princess Street, and MCB.  Training will be provided by the Strike Duties Sub-Committee.  If you are interested, email volunteer@opseulocal468.com

Dispute Resolutions Committee (5 or 7)

Details to come.  Committee would consist of members to help find useful/helpful/respectful resolutions to disputes on the picket line or behind it.

To contact your our Local Strike Committee, please email striketeam@opseulocal468.com

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