Surround the Building II

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Our last Show of Solidarity/Ring the Building was a huge success!   There was a great turnout and a strong show of support for our Bargaining Team.  We had people hand to hand around MCB and 1055 Princess Street and we want to do that again. And, you know what, we feel we can do better than before!  Show your Bargaining Team your support.  Come on out!

On Wednesday, February 4, 2015 starting at 12:45PM for 10 to 15 mins, join OPSEU members and solidarity guests as we try to make a human chain around our work sites.  Show our employer we mean to get a fair and respectful contract.

When: Wednesday, February 4 – 12:45PM

How Long: 10 to 15 mins

Where: Please report to the same location outside your worksite as the last time.  If you cannot remember that location, please either go to the back or front of your worksite location to be directed.

What to bring: Bring yourself and 2, 3, 4, 10 of your coworkers!  Drag out any and all AMAPCEO supporters.  Hey, if your spouse/child/parent/friend/pet is visiting for lunch, bring them out too!

The Surround the Building/Ring the Building movement started with us.  Oh.. sorry.. did you know we started a movement?!  That’s right!  Other OPSEU OPS workplaces have or are planning to surround and encircle their worksites.  Below are some photos from Centre Jules-Leger, Ottawa and Sir James Whitney, Belleville which held similar workplace actions last week.  Both are provincially run schools.  We started a movement here at Local 468 in Kingston, let’s show them how it’s done!

Sir James Whitney, Belleville

IMG_1851 IMG_1842 belleville group pic don't mess with our trenton girls

Centre Jules-Leger, Ottawajules-leger3 jules-leger jules-leger1 jules-leger2 jules-leger4

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