Strike Preparations Are Underway – But Like Insurance, You Hope You Don’t Need It

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At our Local Executive Committee (LEC) meeting last week, we started the process of getting a strike committee together and putting things in motion.  In the event of a work stoppage, we will not be caught flat-footed and members would not be inconvenienced or disadvantaged in any way.

We started this process during the last round of negotiations 2 years ago as well but a settlement was reached before we got very far along in our preparations.

I have had our webmaster extraordinaire (yes you Jim – thank you) post the new 2015 Strike Manual on our site. The link is in the top right corner on the main page. I believe that all members not only have a right to know the processes and requirements but their rights and entitlements as well in the event of a work stoppage. What is equally important is that all members be aware of how complex and labour/resource intensive the process is and get an appreciation that it will run best for all if people step up and volunteer to be part of the process. We hope when you have questions, that is the first place you look for answers. If they are not found there, I am sure we will have a contact e-mail address for just this purpose.

There is the main strike committee and many sub committees and to make it more complex for our local, we have three main locations and two smaller ones to administer as well. Your LEC cannot do it all by ourselves and we will be very much appreciative of any help that can be offered.

I have asked Martin Santyr (who along with Brandon and Allison are on the committee) to provide Jim with a summary of the subcommittees mandated by the OPSEU policy as well as any others we may need. He will also provide a summary of the requirements at each site. He will provide the page number in the policy manual where the descriptions can be found and if you feel inspired to volunteer for any of the positions after reading his post, he will have a contact email address for you to write to.

One thing I want all members of our local to be aware of (as well as those from other locals who visit our site – Hi!) is that you are not obligated to picket at your place of work if there is a closer OPS site where you will not be financially disadvantaged by going to your own workplace. I will not spell it all out here because I want you all to read the manual, but for those for whom this might be a concern, read it and find out now what you need to do to have that taken care of in advance. But finish reading this first please!

Remember, strike preparation does not mean we have any inside information if a strike or lock-out will happen and when. It is only a necessary precaution that has to be done just in case.

I thank you all for coming to our site to be informed and help us all be prepared. Now go find the manual.


Contact the Local 468 Strike Team

Volunteer for the Local 468 Strike Team and/or sub committees


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