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In the latest edition of TableTalk, your bargaining team is asking for your support. As they indicated in the this edition, making an effort to show strong support for the team now is very important as it may just provide the push that is needed to show the government that we are serious about not taking any more hits to our contract – especially when they take the attitude that anything we want we need to give up something – yet they can take out major parts of the agreement without giving something up in return. This is not bargaining, it is bullying.

I am personally asking for the support of all OPSEU members to help make a very strong showing of support for the team in a big way. I am asking this of you so that we can show not only the employer how we feel about the major slap in the face that is this round of negotiations, but maybe we can set a very good example for OPS staff in other regions.

In many ways in the past few years your local has been a leader and a major influence in making things happen. I want to ask each and every OPSEU member at MCB and 1055 Princess to make a commitment to set aside 20 minutes of your time on this Thursday to show how united we are. Even if you have no real love for the union or doing anything to support it, your future for better or worse, is tied to the outcome of this contract. Don’t take the chance that you lack of interest or inaction causes the outcome to be far below what it can be. Remember, if you do nothing – then the result will be unfair. But at least by making an effort there is a chance it might be better. I have said it several times in the past, a small group of stewards and supporters cannot make things better for you. It is only through the efforts that each of you make that we together can do that.

At our worksites we have union bulletin boards – go to them and make yourself familiar with the materials on them. Read the list of our LEC members and become acquainted with someone on that list and ask them what you can do to help on Thursday. If everyone can contact an LEC member Monday or Tuesday we can inform all of you, whether you work for the MAG, MOH, TBS, iSERV or ServiceOntario (MGS) what we need you to do. And by all means, on Thursday when we gather, bring a co-worker or two as well. Remember, we want to show the results of the vote mean that we are supporting our teams and with the highest turnout possible, the employer will see that.

Stay tuned and stay strong.

In Solidarity
Frank Wendling, President Local 468

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