Show Support this Thursday, Jan 15; 12:30PM

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It does appear from the feedback I have received that my “cryptic” message has generated some discussion and more than a few inquiries. I thank those of you who did read and those who shared it with others – that is what we need to happen to help ourselves in these tough times.

I would like to ask all who read this to share with as many other members as you can and to try to make a personal commitment to be available at 12:30 on Thursday the 15th. Again, I want to express my opinion that it is through collaborative, united action that we will have the best chance to turn a totally negative and unfair salary/wage/benefits cut offer into something more fitting. A fair contract fitting for us, the workers described by the government for years as the engine that drives the success of this province for the people of this province. For far too long we have accepted less and less while still producing great results so that those who run the province can take the credit and waste taxpayer dollars. The same dollars that they have no intention of returning to the public purse after great misuse and wasted opportunities.

This is our opportunity to step up, step out and show we are behind our bargaining team as they try to end the bullying and harassment that has highlighted these negotiations so far. We have over 420 members between 1055 Princess Street and the MacDonald Cartier Building. This is more than enough if we all recognize that doing nothing means there will be no improvements, while coming out and supporting the teams at the table is our best chance to make a positive statement. Folks, I need each of you to ask yourself, what in my life is worth standing up for? What am I letting others know if I do or do not participate in this event. I am sure that it is not hard to come to the realization that we all must do something.

So at 12:30 on Thursday I am hoping you are able to step outside and join the rest of your union sisters and brothers in showing you want positive change. You want the people who are lying to you about what your efforts are worth, marginalizing your efforts, career aspirations and tossing those who have injuries or disabilities aside to see our resolve to get a fair contract.

This grand privatization scheme is merely a way to transfer wages (tax dollars) earned fairly and honestly to those who are already rich and have no need or desire to spend their bounty in our communities and this makes every person in Ontario suffer. They “Profit” while we all suffer.

A copy of a floor plan for MCB (floor you are on doesn’t matter it is divided into zones based on pillar numbers) is posted here and each zone has a specified rallying point. Please let your co-workers know about this and where your rallying point is located. The plan will also go up on the union boards as well. Please do your best to be at your rallying point to minimize the time we will require to get set up for pictures. (President’s note: it will be wide angle shots so with winter wear on, very few people will be readily identifiable :)) This will be a sign free event and we are only interested in the number of people we can get to show up. Our statement will be our presence at a time where it was requested to support our bargaining teams.  I do feel this will set a good example for other locals in the OPS.
If all are cooperative and on time I am hoping that 15 to 20 minutes is all that we will need for this event.

For the members at 1055 Princess, if you could have those on the first and second floor gather at the front of the building (main door) and those from the third and the fourth floors go to the back doors for your event that will also help speed things up. There will be stewards available to give direction and make decisions on format of grouping there based on numbers.

AMAPCEO members will be joining us as a show of support and solidarity for this event and please welcome them and their efforts on our behalf.

Starting at 12:30 on Thursday, my goal is to have a ring of people linked together around the building. Is it ambitious? Hell yes. But again, why not? Twenty minutes of your time and sharing our call for help with others is not really much to ask is it? Remember it is not your LEC that makes a difference, it is the collective will of the members. What message do you want to send?

I look forward to a great turnout and with the heads-up provided it should be possible for most of you to rearrange your day if you future is important to you.

Thank you and in Solidarity
Frank Wendling, President Local 468

Show of Solidarity on January 15, 2015 starting at 12:30PM

  • Find your meet-up point at MCB on the image below (all floors have the same pillar #s) or if at 1055 Princess: 1st and 2nd floor at front door; 3rd and 4th floor at back door.
  • Tell your coworkers of this event and the meet-up location.  Remind them of it’s importance.  Remind yourself of the importance by reading Frank’s post above and/or the latest issue sheet.
  • If you are able to schedule time, go out at 12:30PM to your meet-up location and bring a coworker or two along.  Remember, AMAPCEO members are encouraged to attend as well.
  • If you are unable to schedule time, ask a coworker to go for you and you’ll let them have the last donut/slice of cake/quinoa bar the next time around.
  • Spend 15-20 mins showing your solidarity for our bargaining team, your commitment for a fair contract, and getting some fresh air to boot.


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