Issue Sheet #9: RPTs and FXTs under attack.. No time for overtime

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In a typical move by an employer who also happens to be the Ontario Government, if you don’t like the rules…change them.

The employer has proposed new overtime language that significantly impact Regular Part Time (RPT) and Fixed Term (FXT) employees. They want to amend the articles relating to overtime for both RPT and FXT employees, which would circumvent OPSEU’s recent success at the Grievance Settlement Board.

Specifically, the employer wants to delete all references to earning overtime unless the employee exceeds their normal weekly hours of work, either 36 1/4 or 40 hours, as applicable.


Under the employer’s proposal, RPTs on a twenty-four-hour work schedule would only be entitled to overtime after exceeding thirty-six and one-quarter (36 ¼)  or forty (40) hours per week.

That means employees would work for straight-time pay on their scheduled days off instead of earning overtime as is the current practice. You would ONLY earn overtime after exceeding the normal weekly number of hours.


Under the employer’s proposal, any hours a FXT employee works beyond the scheduled shift (7 ¼, 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts) would not count as overtime. Those hours worked in excess of your shift would count towards your weekly total. Employees would only be entitled to overtime after exceeding thirty-six and one-quarter (36 ¼) or forty (40) hours per week.

What this means: The employer wants to adjust your schedules and force long work days without paying the overtime premiums. You will work longer, and on your days off, without being compensated for it as full-time workers would.

If you are a RPT or FXT employee, this new language allows for just more ways the employer can abuse your working hours…and your time off. The employer relies heavily on part-time workers. Instead of recognizing that fact, they are coming up with new ways to make your life even harder.

Let the employer know you will not accept this concession. Please continue to support your Bargaining Teams.

Authorized by:

Roxanne Barnes, Chair, Central/Unified Team

Tom O’Neill, Chair, Corrections Team

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President

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