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On October 27 OPSEU IT members from across the province led a successful lobby at Queen’s Park to tell MPPs to end the privatization of government IT services. More than 40 MPPs attended the event including 17 Liberals, 14 NDP and 12 Conservatives. The Liberal attendees included 4 cabinet ministers and the government’s deputy house leader.

The MPPs were very receptive to our argument that IT privatization does not provide value for money. We presented evidence collected from the Public Accounts of Ontario and Freedom of Information requests showing that private vendors are consuming a greater share of the government’s IT budget and service quality is deteriorating as a result.

Joining myself and the OPSEU IT members at the lobby were Executive Board Member for Region 5 Edie Strachan, Central/Unified Bargaining Team Chair Roxanne Barnes, and Bargaining Team members Mickey Riccardi, Elaine Young, John Berry, Dennis Wilson, Glenna Caldwell, Dylan Lineger and Tim Elphick.

Lending their support and solidarity to the lobby were AMAPCEO President Gary Gannage, Vice-President Sally Pardaens, Treasurer Dave Bulmer and Secretary Barbara Gough.

Additionally, the NDP showed their support by taking our concerns directly to the floor of the legislature. Catherine Fife (MPP-Kitchener-Waterloo) asked questions to both Finance Minister Charles Sousa and Treasury Board Secretary Deb Mathews, two of Premier Wynne’s most influential cabinet ministers. As a result, the Liberals were forced to respond to our concerns and they did so by avoiding the evidence they did not like, and discussing their efforts to reduce the use of consultants across the entire Ontario Public Service.

The success of our lobby at Queen’s Park shows that our elected politicians are interested in this issue. However, if we don’t continue to fight, the government will proceed with its privatization plans.

Additionally, please take a minute to fill out the Email your MPP widget on the OPSEU website. We must continue to call on our elected officials to act responsibly and end the privatization of government IT services. Please encourage your family and friends to fill out the form as well.

For more information on the privatization of government IT services, please click the links below:

Better, Cheaper, Fairer: The case for contracting in of public services in Ontario

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Click below to watch OPSEU’s video Designed to Fail: Why the outsourcing of IT services is a bad idea.

DESIGNED TO FAIL – Why the outsourcing of IT services is a bad idea

To learn more about the We Can Do IT! campaign please go to opseu.org/we-can-do-IT-campaign.

Thank you,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas
OPSEU President

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