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Delegates from your local attended the OPS Divisionals this weekend and in addition to hearing an update directly from the Bargaining Teams (more later) and a rousing speech from our leader Smokey Thomas, they participated in meetings of other delegates from their Ministries from across the province.

The meetings are held every two years and in addition to providing an opportunity to have your delegates get updates on what is happening in their ministries, they get to take part in the elections for the upcoming term for the MERC teams that deliver those updates. We had representatives from Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS – NEW!), Ministry of Attorney General (MAG), Ministry of Consumer and Government Services (MCGS) as well as the Ministry of Health (MOH).

From the reports received, it does appear that your delegates represented you very well in discussions and in the election process for each ministries MERC team, including Jim (Puckalo) keeping us on track in the MOH meeting. Of the 9 delegates we sent to the meetings, we now have 3 representing you as MERC team members. Allison Rafeiro is on the newly formed TBS team and I know that with her increased involvement in the concerns of our Production Control group as well as others, she is well positioned and informed to do well for those members.

In the MCGS meeting, your local Vice President, Sheryl plumb is an alternate and a member of the Communications Sub-committee. In the MOH meeting, your Local Secretary, Faye Pryor and yours truly were fortunate to be re-elected to the MERC team again (Faye for a third term, myself for my second term) and we have Martin Santyr as the first alternate for this committee.

I wish to thank all those who attended already mentioned above and Anne Jennings, Sharon Ansell and Kathy Sudds. I am sure that all of you have information to share and stories to tell the rest of our members. And congratulations to all those who were successful in their elections.

As for Bargaining Updates:

Our local is voting at the Ambassador Hotel on Princess Street, just past Parkway. The poll will be in the Lisbon Room and voting will be held from 7:00am until 9:00pm. You must provide ID to vote and there will be no proxy voting.

Before you go to vote, you can be updated on the issues and concerns that this proposal from the employer caused your Bargaining teams to call for this vote. Your first opportunity is tonight, Monday December 1st at the Peachtree Inn in the Peachtree plaza on Princess Street, just West of Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd in the Limestone Room.  Bargaining team members and Mobilizers will be there to update you and answer your questions. This is an excellent opportunity to get the straight goods and the real story on what will and could happen (remember, no matter what, a strike cannot happen while we have a valid contract and then we need to do the essential services bargaining first).

There will also be three opportunities to participate in Bargaining Telephone Town Hall calls.

Please keep up on our postings and share what you learn with your colleagues.

Frank Wendling
President, Local 468, Kingston

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  • Very disappointed in our Union. Why are you asking your members to vote YES to at STRIKE vote? Bargaining is just beginning. These are the early stages of the process and I do believe it is WRONG to ask this of your members. Give us something more concrete after all options have been exhausted before asking us to do this.
    I will be voting NO to a STRIKE vote.

  • Hi Michelle. Thank you for your comment. We appreciate the feedback.
    I just want to point out it is our bargaining teams who have called a vote and are asking for you to vote YES. In their duly elected positions by OPS members, it is in their wisdom to call this vote and to ask for a YES vote. This is part of the bargaining process and, as I am not on the bargaining team, I feel I must trust their decision. Plus, after reading their decision to call a vote, I’m even more inclined to trust their judgement and guidance. You can read the reasoning here: http://opseulocal468.com/2014/11/why-have-your-ops-bargaining-teams-called-for-a-strike-vote/
    In Solidarity,
    Jim Puckalo

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