Show the members of AMAPCEO the support you hope to get

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As was noted on this site just recently, the second largest contingent of OPS employees had an overwhelming contract vote result of 94% against the offer of the employer – the government of Ontario.

To the leaders who tirelessly educated and informed the members of AMAPCEO both locally and across all of Ontario, I say that you have achieved an incredible, impressive and emphatic result for your efforts. Well Done!

It is encouraging and uplifting to see a group that was previously viewed as disorganized and disinterested has come together to state very clearly that members of the OPS cannot be disrespected and devalued because of attempts of the employer to use us as pawns and scapegoats. All members of the OPS have suffered long enough as the past governments have used the folks who provide services, policy, administration of legislation and enforcement for the betterment of all as their dumping ground to lay blame for overspending that they created not in the form of public services, but as tax giveaways to wealthy corporations and wasted on political maneuvering such as e-Health and the power plant scandal. Members of the OPS should not have to continuously be the ones to pay for others thoughtless and reckless decisions.

To the members of AMAPCEO, I pledge that I will stand with you in support of your efforts to restore fairness and respect to the people who make a difference in the lives of those who live in Ontario. I am asking the Officers and stewards of our Local Executive Committee to join me in supporting your efforts against a common adversary. An adversary that is determined to drag all workers in the Ontario Public Service from the middle class to the lower levels and beyond.

To those OPSEU members in our local I wish to point out regardless of what you feel about other bargaining groups, the employees of AMAPCEO are not our enemies or the cause of our problems in the workplace. Those who belong to AMAPCEO in our workplaces are not the decision makers or the people who make decisions that affect OPSEU on the whole. Decisions are made much higher up and we must all follow that direction they provide us with. Please support any activity that takes place which will not put you in a compromised position in the workplace. Wear whatever colour is specified for specific dates, take time on your lunch or before or after work to participate in gatherings to draw attention to their cause – be there to show the employer that as members of the OPS we are united against the attacks on our wages, our benefits and our importance to the way the government of Ontario operates. Show the members of AMAPCEO the support you hope to get when our turn at bargaining comes around.

Frank Wendling
President OPSEU Local 468

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