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Good evening.  It’s been awhile since my last post.  There’s a large amount of work and research that goes into bargaining a contract and it has to be done.  I am part of a team of experienced and capable individuals and have gained valuable insight and knowledge since starting this assignment.  I think it’s fair to say you’ll get a better president back when all this is over.  I can’t discuss what’s going on at the table here for obvious reasons.  **waves Hi!! to all our management readers**  However, there are some pieces of information I’d like to touch on:

I’m hearing from several individuals that they are being told by managers that OPSEU is asking the employer NOT to approve vacation time for our members in view of the contract talks.  Seriously.  Who makes this stuff up??  There is NO such direction and if your manager declines to approve vacation, then you seek the help of either Frank or one of the stewards to get that straightened out.  The only life on hold is mine.  The rest of you can and should go ahead booking the time away you have earned.

We meet face to face with the employer starting Tuesday, November 13th.  As soon as possible after that information will be provided to you outlining the opening positions of both the employer and the Bargaining Team.  From that point on, information will be updated through postings in the OPS Bargaining section of the OPSEU website as well as through the area mobilizer assigned to you.  His name is Ryan Nickel and he is from Local 429 here in Kingston.  I have no doubts there will be a number of opportunities to meet him and ask whatever questions you may have.

Do I get still get paid if there is a work stoppage?  Yes.  Strike pay, just like everyone else.  And yes, I’ve been putting aside money just in case.  I asked you folks months ago to start doing that.

I have some choice commentary for certain high ranking individuals but I’ll save it for another time and place.  But Dalton?  Dwight?  Bob??   True leadership is defined by how you respond when circumstances become difficult.  Jus sayin’…….

Take care everyone, hope to see you all soon.


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