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In no particular order, here are several quick blurbs on recent events that are relevent to our workplace in one way or another……

AMAPCEO has a tentative agreement with the employer.  From what I’ve read, it looks like their bargaining team went through 80 days of war.  Kudos to them for fighting so hard.  These are not easy times.

Dwight Duncan went on TV last week and announced compensation freezes for the management group.  He candidly explained that this was necessary to protect tax dollars and prevent job loss loss in the public service. (While he was making this wondrous pronouncement 19 Employment Standards Officers and 6 support staff were being given their surplus prenotices. Additionally, ServiceOntario announced the closure of 4 front counter office operations to meet budget requirements.)   I am offended beyond words by this statement.  It is an affront to every worker that has suffered the pain of a surplus meeting in the last year and particularly for those that were surplussed that very day.  According to news reports late tonite, he’ll be making further announcements on Wednesday.  Can’t wait….

The people that brought you the “Putting Students First Act” are the same people who hire those students and then decline to pay them 4% vacation pay or Stat holidays.  Once again, I don’t make this stuff up folks.

The McGuinty government has resorted to “Wisconsin”-like tactics in dealing with the teachers.  Suspension of collective bargaining rights should frighten us all. Bargaining is not just about how much money people make.  It’s also about agreeing on what kind of work place we are going to be spending a third of our time working in.  What’s the proper response to this type of bullying behavior?  I’ll let the results of the teacher’s strike votes tell the story.  (Pay attention kids…)


District 2 (Algoma): 95 percent (teachers); 89 percent (occasional teachers); 78 percent (Educational Support Staff); 77 percent (Early Childhood Education)

District 6A (Thunder Bay): 85 percent (all four bargaining units)

District 7 (Bluewater): 98 percent (Teachers); 97 percent (Occasional Teachers); 87 percent (Professional Student Services Personnel/Office Professionals and Technicians/Educational Assistants/Early Childhood Educators)

District 8 (Avon-Maitland): “overwhelming” (all bargaining units)

District 10 (Lambton-Kent): 99 percent

District 11 (Thames Valley): 95 percent (all bargaining units)

District 13 (Durham): 94 percent (Teachers); 87 percent (Occasional Teachers)

District 14 (Kawartha Pine Ridge): 90 percent (teachers)

Distict 16 (York): 94 percent (teachers/occasional teachers)

District 17 (Simcoe): 94.9 percent (Teachers/Contract Teachers/Continuing Education Teachers); 90 percent (Education Assistants/Early Childhood Educators)

District 19 (Peel): 94.2 percent (Teachers); 91.4 percent (Occasional Teachers)

District 23 (Grand Erie): 82 percent (Educational Support Staff); 92 percent (Early Childhood Educators); 92 percent (Plant Support Staff); 95 percent (teachers); 94.3 percent (Occasional Teachers); 98 percent (Professional Student Services Personnel)

District 24 (Waterloo): 93.4 percent

District 28 (Renfrew): 95 percent (all bargaining units)

District 29 (Hastings-Prince Edward): 92 percent (Teachers)



Durham: 98 percent (Teachers); 94 percent (Occasional Teachers); 98 percent (DECEs)

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Grand Erie: 97 percent (Teachers); 93 percent (Occasional Teachers); 93 percent (DECEs)

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Hamilton-Wentworth: 97 percent (Teachers); 91 percent (Occasional Teachers); 91 percent (DECEs)

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Hastings-Prince Edward: 94 percent (Teachers); 93 percent (Occasional Teachers)

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Limestone: 99 percent (Teachers); 97 percent (Occasional Teachers)

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Near North: 91 percent (Teachers); 97 percent (Occasional Teachers)

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Ottawa-Carleton: 97 percent (Teachers); 96 percent (Occasional Teachers)

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Rainbow: 98 percent (Teachers); 98 percent (Occasional Teachers); 95 percent (DECEs)

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Simcoe County: 97 percent–teachers-symbolically-vote-strike

Upper Canada: 97 percent (Teachers)

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Waterloo: 97 percent (Teachers); 97 percent (Occasional Teachers); 95 percent (DECEs)

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