A Small Review and a Reality Check….

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A couple of months ago, I posted about some doubts I was having regarding how valuable our seniority was given the way the employer was interpreting and implementing Article 20 (Surplus Article).  Redeployment was applying a very high standard when considering whether a surplussed employee could successfully bump into another position.  These concerns were confirmed this week while I was attending training for the bargaining team.

The numbers are a bit grim.  Of all the OPSEU members who have been surplussed since July, 2011, 14% were matched to vacancies.  Of the remaining members who entered the 6th month redeployment phase (bumping), only 4% of our members were deemed eligible to displace a less senior member.  4%.     In other words, if you don’t get matched to a vacancy, your odds of bumping someone less senior is 1 in 25.  That’s what the numbers are.  I don’t make this stuff up kids.

Last week we had additional surplus activity in MOH.  Another 8 members were given their Surplus Pre-notice letters.  Unfortunately, there won’t be an end to this until the end of 2014 at the earliest.  For those of you who took the time to attend the demand setting meeting in May, you sent a clear message as to what your top priorities were.  When the time comes down the road, you will need to be firm in your resolve.  Paying 79,000 senior managers their bonuses was no problem, but looking after the rest of us appears to be of littleconcern to the employer.  That has to change.

On a less serious note, the week of training was amazing.  We processed an incredible amount of information this week and I am getting to know some very cool people who will be bargaining on your behalf.  Next week we begin the process of putting together the union’s opening proposals.  It will be many long days of work and concentration to get it right.  Also, I’ll be down at Confederation Basin on Saturday from noon til 3 manning the OPSEU table.  Come down and see us if you dare.  That’s it for now.

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