Memo from the OPS Bargaining Leadership

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OPS Bargaining 2012
OPS Members,

We’re writing to let you know of important news to do with upcoming contract negotiations.

All indications are that the employer will come to the bargaining table with demands unlike any we have seen.

It’s absolutely critical that you stay informed. Please read all email from OPSEU and check frequently for news on the website’s OPS Bargaining 2012 section.

When you go there now, you will see:

Your employer will likely go after reduced wages, benefits, pensions, sick time, and job security provisions.

  • Your bargaining team has been elected.
  • The best defense against a strike is to have a strong strike mandate.
  • You need to prepare for a potential strike.
  • You need to pay down your debt, delay major purchases, and save whatever money you can.
  • Bargaining will start this Fall.

There’s much news, planning, and action to come. You won’t want to miss any of it. Together, we are fighting for good jobs and good public services. If you have questions, please follow up with your steward or staff representative.

In solidarity,


Warren (Smokey) Thomas


roxanne barnes

Roxanne Barnes

Chair, Central/Unified Bargaining Committee

Dan Sidsworth signature

Dan Sidsworth

Chair, Corrections Bargaining Team

****  So let me add this……..

Dalton McGuinty was originally elected on a platform of rebuilding public services.  Nice job Dalton.  In 2010, Bob Stark stood in the downtown branch of Kingston Public Library and announced to all who would listen that “He had no intention of privatizing ServiceOntario”.  Wow Bob.  How times change.  And Dwight Duncan?  He’ll tell you there is nothing left in the bank, all the while foregoing hundreds of millions of dollars in potential revenues by approving LCBO agency stores rather than keeping them under provincial ownership.  These folks are NOT looking out for YOU folks.

My colleagues and I are setting out to bargain a contract not a strike.  But you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario because the employers track record doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence.  Jus sayin….


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