Bargaining a New Deal — Dealing with a New Reality

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The following link is a summary of the presentations made at the Central Bargaining Conference this past weekend.  They are blunt, accurate and you need to listen to them.  I rose and spoke to Convention 2011 and told everyone there we needed to draw a line in the sand.  This better be it because if it isn’t there won’t be much left to worry about saving.  They are cutting us, selling us and piling the workload on to those who remain.  Sitting on our hands and hoping for the status quo will NOT change things.   I ran for the Bargaining Team because I believe this will be both the toughest and most important set of contract talks we have ever had in the OPS.  And believe you me if we can get a deal that we don’t have to hold our noses over, that would be a great thing.  But we better not count on it.  The employer, through the power brokers at the highest levels, have been taking a hard run at us for a number of years now.   This round of bargaining will be no different.

Read the article carefully and more than once.  Understand the message that’s in there.  Support the bargaining team as we go forward.  Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

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